Back to School Week – A Back to School Session in the Library

Today I reminisced… I reminisced about the the annual Labor Day weekend vacations at Dillon’s Beach out at Point Reyes and getting home on Monday morning, sunburnt and windblown, just to get ready to go back to school the following day. This was a tradition with my mom and step-dad. That was years ago, these days, kids are getting only a 2 month break – from June to August – and not the end of August – MID-August! I miss those days. Back to school shopping, where you could get some really cool clothes (and markers/folders/cool school supplies) to start off the year again and get back into those routines of playing sports, playing instruments, extra-curricular activities after school, making new friends, the school happenings and of course the dreaded HOMEWORK.


Ahh memories… So what does it take for parents to get ready for back to school?? Well, first it probably takes a load off their mind, have to arrange daily activities/babysitters/nannies/play dates for their children while they are at work everyday – but more than that, they have to go clothes & supplies shopping, prep meals, register kids for school, arrange before and after school programs – and the list goes on and ON!! Once school starts, they have to get class calendars, help with homework, set a budget for sports needs/supplies/projects. Whew!! What a tough job parents have getting their kids back to school, and the involvement that follows after it starts with some of the above things, which don’t even scratch the surface.


I know this time of going back to school can be so overwhelming, and so I went in search of a checklist that may help parents/nannies/caretakers with getting their kids back to school, and some of the more monotonous things that you just do without thinking about it – hopefully most of those things are here in this list!!   I found the GREATEST article from Organized Home where they have the most awesome ideas on how to stay organized and feel in control in the craziness that is Back to School!!

seasonal_back_to_school_checklist <— download HERE


Also, I found a great craft blog, Designs by Nicolina where she made some AWESOME and totally adorable Back to School signs that you can print out and have your back-to-schooler hold to take a really cute photo of them to commemorate the beginning of them getting back to school and would be great for an album down the road to remember each school year.



 Click HERE to take you to the page to download them! 


So now, I would like to show you some photos that I took in the spirit of back to school. I contacted one of my very favorite families and told them that I needed their beautiful daughters for this shoot. I had a lot of fun doing something a little different, and interesting. Meet Riley and Guiliana!


BACK_TO_SCHOOL_ROCKLIN BALANCING_BOOKS_PHOTOGRAPHY LIBRARY_PHOTO_SESSION LIBRARY_SESSION_PHOTOGRAPHY PLACER_COUNTY_BACK_TO_SCHOOL_SUPPLIES_LIST PLACER_COUNTY_LIBRARY_BACK-TO-SCHOOL STANDING ON BOOKS learning_photography_sacramento   I hope this back to school special post helps someone that is trying to get organized to get their kids back to school!! stayfab

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