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Hey there photogs! The holidays are coming up, and I am getting ready to get some mini-sessions done! I get to go back to California to do them too (from Arizona) YIPEE!! Am I the only one that has the song “Going back to Cali'” in my head right now? You know you are hearing it right now too…

So I have been EXTREMELY slow here in Arizona, since I really know virtually nobody, and pretty much the only people that I have taken pictures of around here, is my mom, my husband and my dog Bailey… (yes, my dog is human)!  My mom got me all excited when she asked me to do her hair and makeup and go out and take some pictures of her… I was fiending at this point to shoot someone (you know what I mean)… but, I had been driving for 3 days (UHaul, hauling a car, with me, my mom and Bailey), slept for 1 of them, and once I finally got about 12 hours of sleep, I agreed.  So I dressed her up, did her hair and makeup… we went out to this really cool place on the side of the road… it was something of a junkyard of old farm equipment and broke down trucks. It was kind of amazing, if you ask me… even better, it’s right down the street from my house! Funny thing… I haven’t gotten one person to call me for a session out here to go to this masterpiece I’ve found… NOT ONE… We’ll talk about that more later on another post…

Here are some of those photos from my mom’s little mini session:

You didn’t know I have a hot mom did you? Hehe.

So, anyway, I have a wedding that I had booked for October 13th, and I was going to be back in the area to shoot that, and then the next day I was going to go home. After much consideration, I figured, “What the Hey”, I think I am going to see if anyone would be interested in doing sessions, back home, while I am there, AND, much to my amazement, my client’s at “home” still loved me and wanted to book a session!  So I changed my flight with Southwest Airlines – let me tell you, best airline EVER – and because I changed it so far in advance, it was FREE!!  So now, I am able to make a little bit of money, AND see all my ‘homies’ back in Cali’… You know that song is still with you 🙂

So I wanted to do something different. I wanted to answer all the questions that I got EVERY time that I ever did any session EVER, because I booked 10 sessions, PLUS I have the wedding, and it would be SUPER overwhelming, and maybe kind of annoying to have to repeat myself to the same questions I am ALWAYS asked over and over again,  before, and after a session. I’m not saying that my clients are annoying by any means; I get annoyed because I haven’t properly planned on how to prep them for their photos, and how to answer those questions that they have, and even answer the questions that they didn’t even know to ask. And, before they even ask… Crafty, huh?  Here is what I did…

I included the following: 
Cover Sheet 
  • A What to Expect  – which covers what to expect: saying expect to have fun, and to not be surprised if I ask you to make silly faces, etc
  • A Small What to Wear Guide (thanks Pinterest)  – Printed out with the cutest outfits maybe, ever!
  • An even better guide on what to Wear (courtesy of Corina Nielsen Photography {she’s pretty amazing, and a huge inspiration to me}) – this is a printable that you can find at this link:
  • A Disclaimer to my clients letting them know that after 30 days, any photos that have not been ordered will be deleted off my hard drive
  • A Holiday Session Pricing Guide
  • And then I also included the two super cute holiday cards that are fully customizeable, and I am sharing them with YOU!

SO, I will stop talking now, and allow you to get these downloads that I have that I think is going to be super helpful, and they are pretty cute I must admit…

So here is the template that I made for the sessions, I posted this on Facebook, and within 3 days, I only had 2 out of 8 sessions left… AWESOME SAUCE!


BTW, there are 3 downloads: 2 cards, and one info form for your use on Facebook, or even to email to your clients!
If you need help on how to erase my info, and put yours in, email me at

Here is the first template:



Download it HERE

Card Number 1


Download Card Number 1 HERE

Card #2


Download Card #2holidaycard2

I hope this finds you well, and is helpful! Get that marketing going now!!  Don’t wait, you need time to edit right?



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