Client FAQ’s

Q: So I love your work! What is a session with you like? And what is it going to cost me?


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Q: How would you describe your style of photography?

In a series of words:  organic, film-inspired and fun. I love bringing out the personalities of my subjects and capturing amazing light in a very artistic way. Bottom line- I look at every image as a piece of art and hope my clients do as well.

Q: Are you available to travel?

I’m available for limited travel throughout the year. However, I DO love love love to travel, so please don’t hesitate to ask! Travel within Sacramento county and  Placer county is included in all  sessions.

Q: Do you shoot our session with?

Yes, I sure do! I use all professional Canon camera bodies, 5D Mark IV, 5D Mark III and my backup – 60D, my favorite lens ever, a Sigma 35mm Art Lens f/1.4, a Canon 85mm f/1.8, Canon 70-40mm f/4L Canon 24-105mm f/4L, Canon 50mm f/1.8, Canon 70-200 f/4L, and Canon 24-105mm f/4L.

Q: Do you shoot weddings?

As of August 2014, I decided that I wanted to focus on families, seniors and newborns, but I do take VERY limited weddings throughout the year! I have limited myself to 3 weddings per year via REFERRAL ONLY.  I do have some AWESOME friends that shoot weddings, so don’t be afraid to ask for a great referral also!!

Q: Why did you start doing photography?

With a photo you can capture a moment, and have it forever. I think we take that idea for granted, with photography being so ubiquitous these days. But seriously just take a second to appreciate that.  I wanted to create these memories for not only my family and myself, but for other families to enjoy throughout the decades.  To me, I can look at a photograph, and it transports me to that time, that food, that place, and it makes me feel more cultured, more complete and happier. Photography makes me whole. 

Q: What do you like to take pictures of the most?

I love taking pictures of personalities more than anything. I also enjoy taking pictures of scenic places also, vacations I take, and things that inspire me. I find that I get a little bored with a photograph when there isn’t a person or animal in it.

Q: We’d love to have you shoot our newborn session, what’s next?

YAY! All you need to do to secure your date is a signed contract and a minimum retainer ($150 for Newborns). Once I receive both in hand, the date is yours (obviously babies don’t always come on their dates, and so I am flexible and will be willing to move that date around within the first 14 days of birth).

Q: When do you typically hold your outdoor portrait sessions?

Weekends are best for me and usually it works out that they work best for my clients as well. I typically shoot in the afternoons- 3pmish in the fall and winter months; 5 -6pmish in the spring and summer months. The opportunity for the GOLDEN HOUR light is at those times.

Q: When do you typically hold your Newborn Sessions

Newborn sessions are done within the first 14 days of your birth (10 days and under is OPTIMAL, but under 14 days). This is the time that they are the most sleepy, and we will be able to get the most out of your session.

Q: When do you recommend doing a maternity session?

The best time to schedule your maternity session is around 28-34 weeks, when the tummy is nice and round. This will vary with each women – and some women who carry small, or gain little weight may choose to wait until they are 36-38 weeks.
You want to come when you feel good, have a nice belly but before the downward venture begins! Other women who are growing a bit more rapidly, may choose to come around 28-32 weeks.
The idea is to come when you are nice and comfortable and have a nice round belly. It is best to schedule at least 1-2 weeks in advance. I always leave room for the expected Mama and new arrivals, so if you near the end of your term and need a session, just call me, so I can get you in!

Q: What should I wear to my Portrait Session?

Well, chances are I probably don’t know your exact style, BUT, what I do know is if you’re interested in my style of photography, you’re not the matching jeans and black polo shirt type. Its very 1990s 🙂 I HIGHLY encourage color, even if its just in your accessories, and a few mild patterns. But, definitely outfits that show character and personality and something that you would wear on a regular basis. For some more ideas go HERE!

PLEASE NO LOGOS OR BRAND NAMES SHOWING! I want to provide you with timeless images.   

You can bring 2 outfits and most couples bring one casual and one smart casual/dressier. For most sessions and definitely an Engagement Session, I would highly recommend getting your hair and makeup done. It makes quite a big difference in the photos and helps our features to be brighter and pop more 🙂

*ALSO* Please feel free to bring props! I love incorporating a fun little scene into a session. May it be kites, a picnic basket and blanket, books on a blanket, bikes, baskets of fruit or flowers, old vintage cameras or really anything! If you are a musician, bring your instrument. If you are a couple that loves to go fishing, lets take some pictures of that! Bottom line- lets capture your love and lifestyle 🙂

Q: Do you choose the location of our session for us?

Nope! I leave that decision up to my clients. You know your speed of life, style and comfort zone way more than i obviously do. 🙂 But, if you need help figuring out where to shoot, then Ill definitely chime in!