~ Inspired by the Changing of Seasons ~

I think that Autumn makes me a better person. Between the soothing rain, chilly weather, fog, holidays and the changing leaves on the trees, I am fully inspired. I love the thought of a homemade hot toddy (I will include a recipe below), apple pie, spending the holidays with my family and my new nephew (last year, we didn’t have the chance), bundling up in a warm sweater, leggings and boots, as well as going to the snow, running in the rain and splashing in puddles like a child.  I get all childlike in Autumn (well except for the hot toddy). I want to watch my favorite Halloween and Christmas movies: Hocus Pocus, The Holiday and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, all while baking yummy stuff and making homemade gifts for people I love.   I get a whole new sense of beginning, every time I hear the rain washing away the day before it.  The thunder and lighting excites me to the  core. I feel clean, renewed and completely fulfilled. I know a lot of people that live for Summer, but that isn’t my style. I lived in Arizona for 5 months, and can’t say that I miss the weather there… AT ALL. I love how the grass gets greener and everything comes back to life in Autumn. The trees shake free of their old leaves to renew themselves, and I feel like I do the same. Another new year is around the corner. I may say that my new nephew being here may have some tiny bit of my inspiration… ok, maybe a lot more than a tiny bit.

I can’t wait for Halloween, where we can dress Kingston up in some ridiculously cute costume, and for his first Christmas – when he will really have no inkling of what is going on around him, with his eyes open wide looking at the lights on the tree, and smelling the homemade food around him and the family getting together and sharing a whole new meaning of the word – all while Kingston not understanding what the meaning of it all is. The first time I get to babysit him, and use the new car seat that I just got for him, and my own collection of diapers I have stashed for when he comes to see his Auntie. I can’t wait.

With all this new inspiration, and with me being a photographer, I want to find an amazing location – might be an hour away – and offer REAL fall sessions. I want to go to a place where the leaves are all different colors: burnt amber, fiery red, and a former sunny yellow, get in them, and throw them up in the air, see the sun fall in a whole new beautiful way – and capture it.

Here is that Hot Toddy recipe I’m talking about:

hot toddy

Down to the brass tacks: By the way, if you are a fan, and you aren’t a subscriber to my new website, you should be. (Seriously, though). I am going to be offering on my website some amazing deals – and the people that subscribe to my new and improved website will get first dibs!! Subscribe by clicking on the “Subscribe by Email” at the top of the page.

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Here is the special I am running right now:


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Ok, so now to more information on me being inspired… I would like to see who would be interested in going up to COLOMA, CA – home of the Gold Rush to do family photo sessions – I am going to offer another deal. YES> Right here & right NOW.

I would like to offer REAL AUTUMN sessions in COLOMA the 1st and 2nd weekends of NOVEMBER. These sessions will be $175 and last 1 hour and you will get 10 images on a DVD! And NO travel FEE. If I get enough people interested, this can and will be a reality. Heck, if nobody else wants to travel there, I know where my whole family will be taking family portraits!

 photo fall2013guide.jpg

Please use my contact form on my website – or email me @ for more details.

 Happy Early Autumn. What do you love about this season?

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