New Years Outfit Idea!

Hey there guys and gals… although this is more for the ladies than the men – do you have ANY clue what YOU are going to wear for that New Years Eve party. Of course you’ll want to look smashing and stand out from the rest. What better way to do that than to show your feathers! Peacock feathers of course. “Look at those shoes!” – You’ll be hearing,  wherever you go in this little number of an outfit!  I have teamed up with ModCloth to assemble an outfit from their awesome array of clothing, vintage goods, gifts and of course trendworthy items.

I decided to use items from their plus-size line as well as their lingerie line to dream up a sultry little outfit for your night out on the town.

What is more, is ModCloth has afforable, on-the-trend-but-before-it-gets-too-trendy looks for anyone, any shape or size.

So… What are YOU wearing for your New Years night? I would love to know your plans!


 photo ModClothoutfit_zps0643d54b.png

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