{Placer County Portrait & Lovebird Photographer} — Shaundra & Elliott’s Country Session

I have known Shaundra since highschool. We actually never really hung out in highschool, but thanks to Facebook, I have gotten to catch up with her and a bunch of other people that I wish I had gotten to know a lot better when I was younger.  She’s just a really cool and extremely inspirational chick. I actually  asked her to write a little about herself because I felt that she would be able to tell her story best.  I observed her life and story , but she lived it – and I am really grateful that I have the ability to do something that I love, that brings me into and closer to some pretty amazing people.  If it weren’t for me having a camera in my hand, I think I would be missing a huge opportunity to know people and their stories. I really do think that my camera is my instrument – and my instrument has brought me closer to many of those amazing people.

A little note from Shaundra:

“I recently did a photo session with Tosha and she kindly asked me to write a bit about myself for her blog. This is a lot more difficult than what I thought it would be!

I met Tosha when we were in high school. I have always been the quiet type that was okay with being a wallflower and willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. One place I would never be caught was in front of a camera! I was very insecure and timid with my appearance.

The age of 25 brought about a LOT of change for me. I started school at Sac State and embarked on a journey towards weight loss and health. Sadly, this also meant I needed to cut people from my life who were holding me back. I ended a 4 year relationship and numerous friendships that poisoned my mind with doubts.

I’m finally graduating in the spring with a Bachelors degree, I have lost just over 100 pounds, and I have the most amazing family, friends, and boyfriend that I could ever ask for. The last three years I have developed a better sense of confidence and respect for myself.

I have always wanted to be able to take a photograph and be able to look and feel stunning in front of the camera. Tosha definitely made me feel gorgeous! She’s watched my transformation pretty much from the beginning of my journey. There’s nobody that could capture the pride I have in my accomplishments better than her!”

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