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I love Instagram! I have found a ton of people that I follow that push and inspire me. I use it mostly for my weight loss journey to keep myself accountable, and it is great to get up in the morning and just look through my newsfeed, to get some motivation, new recipes, or just see the latest and greatest TBT (Throwback Thursday) photos from the awesome chick showing her before and after photos from losing 100 lbs! I think that is absolutely awesome! I think that Instagram has a great format for easy use, and a way to share with the world.

Have you ever gotten on Facebook, and been annoyed at how many people complain and whine on there? Oh, come on, I know sometime you feel that way too. Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook!  However, I love Instagram, because it seems like if someone is going to complain about something, they have to post a photo to go with that… and that takes a little more effort… at least that’s what I think. So how do you take awesome photos with Instagram? Here a few tips that may help you on your journey. Oh, and for a camera download other than just using the IG camera, I love PicsArt camera – tons of filters and borders – and even a zit zapper!!


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Here are a few of those tips:

Would you love to have better pictures in your Instagram feed?  It’s easy to improve your photos for Instagram and you can start by following these 5 simple steps.

1.  Lighting is the key.  Make sure your subject is near a window if inside, but not in direct light.  If you are outside, shoot in the shade to avoid harsh shadows.  Avoid shooting at night when possible, the low light availability causes blurriness in your images.

2.  Don’t use the Instagram camera.  Instead, take your pictures with your camera’s phone or even using the Camera+ app.  Both will create better images that have more clarity.  Then select them from your photo album once you are in Instagram.

3.  Use better editing apps.  Instagram’s filters have been outdone by better apps including VSCO, Camera +, Photoshop Express, and many more.   If you want to up your photography game, then you need better filters and editing options.

4.  Get creative.  Use different angles, compositions, and even vary the distance from your subject.  Don’t be afraid to take many pictures and just choose one.  Playing around will stretch your creativity and help you develop more originality.

5.  Add blur.  Using the blur function within Instagram is a great mimic to the “shallow depth of field” that can only be created with DSLR cameras.   But if you’re not shooting with a DSLR, then just add blur.

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