Woodland Themed Baby Shower = Rocklin Styled Baby Shower

I absolutely love working with Megan Hodapp from It’s All in The Details – she is not only a pleasure to work with, but her attention to details is so fantastic. She actually started doing what she does, when she started the planning for her own wedding. It started with her buying the things that she wanted for the decor for her wedding, and she saw that there was such a need for this specialty at others’ weddings, and made it a business.


I actually f0und Megan on Craigslist, where I saw her designs, and I contacted her. She had me come and meet her at her overflowing storage unit, where she allowed me to look through her things – all of them so beautiful – and I asked her to help me with my sister’s baby shower. She did, and then I ended up shooting a wedding she had designed, and we ended up doing a Christmas themed photo shoot.
I not only love how awesome she is with working with designing parties and weddings, but I also love how she interacts with people. She’s always so approachable, and even though I know her job has to be so stressful, she always has a smile and a willingness to help, and I have never visibly seen the stress encompass her! That’s such a great trait of any designer, or coordinator. Yes! She also does day of wedding/event coordinating!
When Megan called me to take  photos of this baby shower that she was designing and coordinating for one of her very close friends, I immediately said yes. She told me the theme was going to be a Woodland theme, and I was excited to see the love and detail she put into this.
Here are some of her words to describe the work put into this lovely baby shower!


I was lucky enough to collaborate with a great friend to throw one of my oldest and dearest friends, Brenna, a baby shower in celebration of her very first child.  We were thrilled for the opportunity to shower baby Keane and mommy-to-be with lots and lots of love! Desiree, Brenna’s sister (my co-host) chose a woodland theme and boy was I 300% on board.   I used mossy twigs, branches, succulents, air plants and birch wood logs to create a natural vignette to showcase the amazing desserts.  Every square inch of the rustic dessert table was covered in absolute goodness! The tables where guests sipped on mimosas were designed with a eucalyptus garland in the center to tie in that earthly feel.  A glistening wishing tree held adorable “wishes for the wee one” cards.  Brenna’s mother, aunt, and sister made all of the fantastic food, and boy was it delicious! Brenna’s sister, my wonderful co-host, hand made brown sugar body scrub which guests took home as favors.  It was a beautiful day, one that I will treasure and I cannot wait to meet baby Keane in the next couple weeks!

Vendors: Megan Hodapp of It’s All in the Details

Cakes and treats by Jenine @ Tasty Fusion 

Photography by Tosha Lynn Photography


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