Sacramento Wedding Photographer- {Angelica+Robert=MARRIED!}

So on June 11th, Angelica Franco and Robert Khan were married at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in downtown Sacramento. 

Their wedding was beautiful and oh, so much fun! I felt like a part of the family by the end of the night and I had such a great

time with the bride and groom and their families.

Here are some memories from that very special day
{and a little narration to follow along}
So when we first got there, my sister helped me set up the room and when the bride got there, we hijacked her dress from her and took it for a little joyride around the church for places to hang it that would be almost as beautiful as the dress itself… well, nothing could top how pretty it was so we went into the confessional booth and hung it in the amber stain-glass window. And then we made our way around the building to hang it on the outside of the window as well {now for those of you, that know how vertically-challenged I am, you will then know that it took dedication (many jumps) to get the dress hung this high… my sister is shorter than me}
Then we took the dress back to the bride-to-be and allowed her to put that on with some help from the bridesmaids.

And she looked
Stuningly Beautiful
Then we went out with the bridesmaids and tried to hitch a ride…
But all we got was some guy offering his bicycle… so the bride got on since it was her day…
and everyone else decided to walk to the payphone where the bride met them to make a call…
then the groom got there with all his groomsmen… they walked in doing the Oceans Eleven swagger
Then it was time to walk down the aisle, so she did, with her mom and dad
and her groom was in awe seeing her for the first time that day!
The mothers placed the Lazo over their heads…

and it was beautiful!

Then, they kissed!
Then, they went outside to discover a classic getaway car waiting for them…
We went for a ride and ended up at Capital Park, and the newlyweds played kissy face some more.
Then we went to the RECEPTION
First Dance was to Brad Paisley’s “She’s Everything” {Good choice if you ask me!- word on the street is that he picked it all by himself- awwweeee :)}
Then the toasts to a happy, beautiful newly married couple… which got beautifully emotional

After all the emotions and toasts, we went on to dancing, cake, the garter & the bouquet

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