{Baby Kingston} My Little Heartthrob!

So I love my sister… I mean, growing up together – we actually never got along. I used to love her and completely idolize her, and she would completely ignore me or just tell me to go away. It’s so funny how things change when you grow up. I knew that I wanted to be close to my sister – (my one full sister – I have a lot of step family). I just hung in there, and I think it was around her wedding that we actually started to get closer and started to talk and hang out a lot more. That time with her is and was precious to me. Now that she has been married for almost 4 years – and now has persevered through infertility issues and has opened up to me about how she was actually feeling about it, made me feel for her, and I truly believe that the openness that was happening between us brought us closer… well that, and the trips to the 99 cent only store to get whatever we thought we might need, the Goodwill and doing each other’s hair – and then let’s not lie… Dairy Queen for ice cream and 7-eleven for Slurpees!

When Taunie told me she was pregnant – it was like watching the perfect love story – you know the one that you ALWAYS cry at the end because it’s so sweet. Well, the news of a baby after years of trying – couldn’t have been more welcomed news!  So if you saw the story about the birth of Kingston, I would love to now welcome you in seeing the newborn photos that I did for my newborn nephew Kingston. That session actually lasted about 5 hours since I couldn’t contain myself from loving on him a bit. I love him so much! I can’t wait to take him to the zoo, the movies, teach him how to fish and camp and get dirty. I can’t wait for all of that fun stuff! Well, meet baby Kingston!
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 photo sacramento_newborn_photography.jpg
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 photo sacramento_newborn_photography_family_photographer.jpg photo elk_grove_newborn_photographer.jpg

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