{Business For Photographers} – What keeps ME motivated and Learning & A $10,000 GIVEAWAY!!

Hey there fellow photographers and clients! I am back again for another blog post! “So Soon?”, you say… YES! I am hoping to make an impact for photographers as well as for my clients. I hope that I can not only share some photos with my viewers, but also share what helps me to be successful, and continually learning.

Well, first, I want to talk about a HUGIGANTIC FANTABULOUS contest that another Phoenix area photographer is holding!! Her name is Laura Winslow, and she is pretty awesome, I must admit, and I couldn’t even imagine what goes into a contest, let alone a blog post as long and as AMAZING as this. It only goes for 7 days, so you have to go check it out! You can see more about this contest by Checking out her fabulous blog post regarding the giveaway contest @

I’m just saying you MIGHT want to check it out!!

Also, if you visit her on her Facebook Fan Page @

and if you could let her know that Aquarian Photography sent you to her page, that would be totally sweet!


And finally… onto what I am doing RIGHT NOW!

Well, in addition to entering into Laura’s contest, and editing my own wedding photos from the last 2 weddings I’ve done (oh, and blogging this post), I am currently watching CreativeLive! I love this live Webinar learning stuff. Currently, Kevin Kubota, the total photography lighting GURU, is doing a webinar called Lightweight Location Lighting with Kevin Kubota. Check it out at www, to watch right now!

He is amazing! If you are a photographer, and trying to find out how to make your images pop, and give them that little extra love, Kevin Kubota IS THE MAN! He is showing you how to do this NOW!!

Also, if you visit him on HIS Facebook Fan Page @

let him know that Aquarian Photography sent you to his page, that would be pretty cool too!


Well, that is all that I have for you now. I hope you are liking the photographer business posts that I have been putting up, and I hope that they are helpful to you!


Check it out and enjoy!!



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