Maxine – Woodland and Sacramento Child Photographer

I was literally HONORED to be asked to do this session for a mother that I had met back in 2015 while helping petition for the California SB277. She is a warrior mama of 2 girls, and she has struggled through many medical issues for both of those girls. Her youngest, Maxine, was diagnosed with progressive infantile scoliosis (a rare and potentially fatal condition) at age 14 months when an X-ray showed a 55 degree curve in spine. By the time Maxine was able to get treatment at 16 months it had progressed to 79.5 degrees. Maxine recieved her first Mehta Cast in January of 2016 and is now on her 8th cast and her spine has been corrected down to 19 degrees, to be considered cured Maxine has to show an X-ray of 10 degrees or less and her parents are hopeful that will come this summer. Mehta casting is the only true treatment for PIS and unfortunately comes with many limitations such as no baths, water of any kind, sand, heat or many every day activities. Maxine has shown such strength and never lets her condition take away her smile.


Like I said, I was totally honored to be asked to be the photographer for this -You wouldn’t even know she has anything that holds this little girl back, she was dancing and playing the entire session!  Children with disabilities and hardships really move me. Its truly amazing how resilient children and their parents are in these situations, and the relationships between parents and their children with these ailments really have a different kind of bond that is truly so unique. I’m so glad I got to capture this one between a mother and her child.


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