Sacramento Lifestyle Photographer – Bath Time With Wesley

I can’t tell you one thing than makes me happier than a happy baby – well, a clean happy baby. My little man was busy playing in the dirt all day today with his cousin, Emit and when we got home, he climbed into my bed – Brian at least took off his shoes – and said he was gonna go “nite nite” in there. I don’t think so little man! Him and Dada played before Brian had to go off to work (working nights) and Wesley definitely wasn’t going to get that nap today. So after Dada left and I got some food in my little guy, I got the bubbles and created a bath for him that he wouldn’t want to get out of.  I ran to let the dog out, who was growling at the door and ran to grab my camera – and then sprinted to the bathroom (I’m still so paranoid that he’ll slip and drown). I think we had a good time. I love these little moments with my little guy. He amazes me. I love how his hair gets a little wavy when it’s wet, and his crystal blue eyes. I love how he says, “thank you, Mama” when I hand him a toy or food. I love the way he twists his eyebrows when I tell him to “fix your eyebrows” when he gets a dirty look on his little sweet face. I love how he brings me things and tells me what color they are, or what they are. There really isn’t anything that I don’t love about this sweet little boy. The purest love I’ve ever felt. He is my whole world.

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